My Bio

Hello, my name is Daniel King. I was born in Weisbaden, Germany on August 25, 1980. To make this long story short, I have always had a love for art. I can remember drawing cars for as long as I can as remember. I have taken many art classes in both junior high, high school, and college. Even though I do more than automobiles, cars have always had a place in my heart.

1964 Ford Thunderbolt.jpg

Convenient Services

In my online store, you can have the option to either buy one of my original paintings or order your very own custom painting.


Painting Curation Services

In opening an online art store such as this, it allows me to reach out to the public. If you would like for me to do a commissioned piece for you, please email me a picture of what you like, along with any descriptions and backgrounds. Just to let you know ahead of time, the price is dependent on the size of the painting. On most paintings, I charge per square inch. The rate is .75/sq. inch. The price includes the price of materials and also the amount of time that it takes to make it.


Shipping & Delivery

If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, there is a possibility of a way that I can drop off the painting to you personally. If not, I ship using USPS. If you prefer using a different way of shipping, please note it in an email. Thank you


Custom Framing

Most of the time, I do not attach my paintings with a frame. I allow the customer to choose their own frame when the product is received. This allows me to lower the price on shipping and on the painting itself.


Every painting or collectible is a piece of art, but some are better viewed by the owner


Contact Us

This section is for customers to ask questions or concerns. Also they can request information in regards to commissions.

809 Pennsylvania Dr. Saginaw, TX 76131


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